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Specializing in Rock and Roll Brand Development, Fashion Design and Visual Content Creation


Kevin Christiana is the Creative Director of Shop Your Way Brands and has worked closely with Adam Levine for the past few years to develop The Adam Levine Men’s Collection for Kmart. The line has roots in denim and incorporates elements of Adam’s effortlessly cool look.


You  may know Kevin as a contestant on Project Runway Season 4, and his frequent appearances on the Rachael Ray Show, Access Hollywood, NBC’s Morning Show, NBC (Miami) 6 in the Mix, You & Me This Morning (Chicago) and Selling New York.


Previously a Design Director at Andrew Charles a rock and roll clothing brand inspired by Steven Tyler, Rolling Stones / RIFF a joint venture with Bravado Inc., Authentic Icon an American Idol inspired clothing Brand. All spear headed by Andy Hilfiger and Tommy Hilfiger.


At 26 years old he started his first labels, KEVIN CHRISTIANA and KJEANS.  These collections have sold to approximately 200 boutiques nationwide. KJEANS debuted on the cover of the Victoria’s Secret fall 2006 catalog. 

Kevin has outfitted many celebrities like Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Dee Snider, Lenny Kravitz, Marky Ramone, Steve Conte and David Johanson of The New York Dolls, The Darling Stilettos, Kat Von D, Keri Hilson, Adam Levine and more…

Kevin Studied at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology where he won the “menswear designer of the year” grant.  He worked for his cousin, Susana Monaco, for six years before branching off to start his own line.  “Susana has been such an amazing teacher and I truly thank her for everything she has done for me.” says Kevin.

As a first generation Italian-American, born and raised in Fairfield, NJ, his family are made up of many tailors and seamstresses from a small town in Sicily.  Having been taught to sew by his Aunt Ida Lasusa, it’s no surprise that his design aesthetic combines classic European tailoring with his own edgy twist. He has spent most of his career living in the fashion capital of the world, NYC.  He currently lives in Pelham with his fiance and two children.  Kevin draws inspiration from daily life in gotham city and his travels around the world.  “I love art, architecture, and people; they inspire me the most!” states Kevin.

Adam Levine Brand

Collaborating with Adam on seasonal brand ideas.


Authentic Icon

Andrew Charles

Brand collaboration lead by Tommy Hilfiger.

Rock and roll clothing brand inspired by Steven Tyler.

“I love art, architecture, and people; they inspire me the most!”

–Kevin Christiana

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